Your feelings matter. Your story matters. Your voice matters.

Let’s create a brave space together

Sensitive Care

Childbearing can be hard for trauma survivors, because there are more reminders of negative feelings and memories.

You want to feel strong, safe, and supported.

Let’s find ways for you to feel safe and in control. Your birth experience can be beautiful and empowering.

Your doula is a key player in maintaining sensitive care. Providers may need reminders, because everyone’s preferences are different.

We will advocate for you.

Our Strategies

to create A peaceful labor environment. a calm headspace. a unified support system.


Supportive Birth Team

An environment of acceptance makes all the difference. We want body language and verbal cues to be empowering, not threatening. Let’s talk about what works best for you.


Advocacy for Your Choices

Together, we’ll work on communicating clearly with your medical providers to ensure that you feel safe, and everyone is working towards the same goal. Your voice will always be heard.


Respectful Touch

Many people feel safer if providers ask permission before they touch you. If your provider forgets, we will help remind them. You are in charge of your body. Labor doesn’t change that.


Educational Empowerment

It’s your birth, your baby, your way. It’s important to know your options ahead of time. But you don’t have to remember everything during labor. Your doula and providers will be there to remind you.

You will be treated with kindness and respect as a unique individual

Mental Health

People who struggle with mental health need some extra support during the childbearing year.

Mental health is a priority.

Whether you’re working with your provider to take medication for your mental health or using other coping strategies, We’re here to support you in your choice and help you stay informed.

No Judgement. No matter what.

[No matter your age, weight, medical conditions, partner status, substances, etc.].
Let’s Talk About Race

Black or African American communities have about four times the rate of infant mortality as White communities. That’s not because of supposed physical differences, it’s because of systemic and individual racism. We are life-long students in this area, and we strive for anti-racist thought, behavior, and activism. We would love to hold an open dialogue about how discrimination affects you.


People from gender or sexual minorities (i.e. transgender, lesbian, gay, etc.) often experience discrimination, especially in the healthcare system. As doulas, we’re here to advocate for you and help empower you to advocate for yourself. You deserve high-quality perinatal care no matter what you look like, who you’re attracted to, or who your partner is. Your identities MATTER. Let’s celebrate them.

“Trauma happens in relationship. It heals in relationship.”

Judith Herman

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